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Want to learn more about vintage clothing from the comfort of your home? My Best Vintage Life Academy is an affordable and fun way to learn more about vintage from a former educator turned vintage expert. No high tuition fees, no books, just fashion and fun! 

$19.99/mo for Vintage Lessons with Art Baz!

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Educator Meets Vintage

Bridget Marowski holds a degree in education and is a former high school teacher. She uses this knowledge combined with her expertise in vintage to bring you a memorable learning experience. 

Accessible and Affordable

Vintage is not taught by systems of higher education. Despite this, we don't charge higher education prices for tuition. 

Learn from Home

Right now we are living in unprecedented times, where learning from home has become the new normal. Instead of binging another new show, invest in yourself and your education! 

Want to make your vintage business more profitable?

In this $19.99 mini course, you can learn some useful retail math terms and see them applied in real life examples! Understand your inventory better and plan for the future with retail math.


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